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Blood Sugar Stabilizer

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Naturally Supports Blood Sugar Levels

About the product
  • LOWER BLOOD SUGAR with the Best Selling Natural Diabetes Supplement (Natural Diabetes Pills) with Proven Natural Ingredients Like Cinnamon and Chromium which have been Universally suited to lower blood glucose sugars and lower cholesterol naturally.
  • COMPLETELY NATURAL Drug-free diabetic supplement contains nutrients like biotin, chromium and alpha lipoic acid to help your body naturally control glucose levels as well as herbs shown to lower blood sugar like banaba, gugul, bitter melon, cinnamon and Gymnema. When Combined with a diabetic diet Vimulti Sugartrol XR supports natural insulin production.
  • PROMOTE HEART HEALTH by lowering bad cholesterol (ldl) and helping support lower fasting blood sugars and lower A1C. Combined with proper diabetes foods and a heart-healthy diet users also experience weight loss and less sugar cravings.
  • Type 2 diabetes is associated with sugar cravings, weight gain plus can be costly due to glucose testing strips, glucose tabs, glucose meters, and other diabetes pills. Sugartrol with a proper low-calorie natural diet can help reduce many of the cost associated with diabetes and will lower sugars naturally.
  • CLINICAL STUDIES in the “American Society Of Clinical Nutrition” proved the effects of Cinnamon a key ingredient in helping lower Post Prandial Blood Sugars. Gymnema Also Included in This Diabetic Vitamin has also been proven to support normal blood sugar.


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