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Restful Sleep (formerly SnoreZ)


Melatonin, 5-HTP & GABA Complex – Natural Sleep and Snoring Support

About the product
  • Vimulti Snoring Aid and Sleeping tablets contain Melatonin, 5_htp, Gaba,L-Theanine, Magnesium, and Macuna which provide a restful sleep even when your partner is snoring loud. Our Melatonin pills and sleep aids are all made proudly in the USA.
  • If you use a mouthpiece for snoring or other snoring devices with no success then Vimulti Snoring Aid and Sleep Support is for you. Get 8 hours of solid sleep with the best sleep aid on the market today. Our Melatonin supplement helps quiet snoring and deep sleep.
  • No more anti snoring chin starts or snoring rings that are ineffective and embarrassing. A simple to take capsule will help you stop storing and is no combined with the best otc sleep aid
  • Vimulti sleep aid pills also have no hangover effect and are one of the top stop snoring products for sale in the USA
  • As with all Vimulti brand products if your sleep and snoring doesn’t improve send it back. We proudly make all of our products here in the USA and are based in Miami, Fl. We do not compromise on quality and we refuse to import from India or Asia in order to provide inexpensive products


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