About Auxigen Health

Auxigen Health was founded with the ambitious goal of transforming the health supplement marketplace by building a world-class holistic health company integrating therapeutic approaches to ATTAIN and MAINTAIN Wellness. Our ViMultiTM brand products anchor our product offering providing high-quality, efficacious health supplements made in the United States.  Armed with decades of experience as athletes and as healthcare professionals, our team focuses on three pillars to execute our vision.

Scientific Efficacy. In a world of misinformation, Auxigen Health chooses to support only products backed by rigorous scientific research. Our intent is to bring the quality and rigor of the pharmaceutical industry to health supplements and nutraceuticals. Only products with proven safety and efficacy have a place at Auxigen Health.

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing. High quality manufacturing is a requirement at Auxigen Health.  Our supplements and nutraceuticals are produced only in state-of-the-art facilities, which are certified as Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) facilities. Dedication to these NSF/ANSI standards ensure the products customers receive contain exactly the ingredients listed and nothing else.

Integrating Health Holistically. We believe everyone can look and feel their best at any age. By combining the wisdom of nature with innovative science, we can help you to live your healthiest life. From losing weight to increased mental clarity, feeling energized and sleeping better, Auxigen Health and ViMultiTM products will help breathe life back into your body.

Because after all...Your Health Is Our Life™